Goupile is an open-source electronic data capture application that strives to make form creation and data entry both powerful and easy.

Find out more on the page dedicated to Goupile.


Koffi is a fast and easy-to-use C FFI module for Node.js, featuring:

The following combinations of OS and architectures are officially supported and tested at the moment:

ISA / OS Windows Linux macOS FreeBSD OpenBSD
x86 (IA32) ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ⬜️ N/A ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
x86_64 (AMD64) ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
ARM32 LE ⬜️ N/A ✅ Yes ⬜️ N/A 🟨 Probably 🟨 Probably
ARM64 (AArch64) LE ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes 🟨 Probably
RISC-V 64 ⬜️ N/A ✅ Yes ⬜️ N/A 🟨 Probably 🟨 Probably

Find out more on the page dedicated to Koffi.


TyTools is a collection of independent tools and you only need one executable to use any of them. The Qt-based GUI tools are statically compiled to make that possible.

Tool Type Description
TyCommander Qt GUI (static) Upload, monitor and communicate with multiple boards
TyUpdater Qt GUI (static) Simple firmware / sketch uploader
tycmd Command-line
No Qt !
Command-line tool to manage Teensy boards

Find out more on the page dedicated to TyTools.


libhs is a cross-platform C library to enumerate HID and serial devices and interact with them.

It is distributed as a single-file header. Drop the file in your project, add one define for the implementation and start to code without messing around with an arcane build system.

Find out more on the page dedicated to libhs.

Other projects

The projects on this page are provided as-is, and are in various states of completion.

Project Description Language
blikk Embeddable beginner-friendly programming language with static types, fast compilation C++
CNoke Simple alternative to CMake.js, without any dependency, designed to build native Node addons based on CMake Javascript
SeatSH SeatSH is a Windows service that enables you to launch graphical programs from an SSH connection on Windows 10, for automated test systems. C++
drd Alternative french PMSI MCO classifier
Library (libdrd), command-line tool (drdc) and R package (drdR)
SaneBB Small (single-file) and fast BBCode parser in Java Java
Meestic Small command-line utility to control MSI Delta 15 keyboard lighting (and other models?). Provided "as is", no guarantee. C++