Goupile is a free and open-source electronic data capture application that strives to make form creation and data entry both powerful and easy.

Find out more on the page dedicated to Goupile.


TyTools is a collection of independent tools to manage Teensy microcontroller boards. Each tool is a single self-sufficient executable. The Qt-based GUI tools are statically compiled to make that possible.

Tool Type Description
TyCommander Qt GUI (static) Upload, monitor and communicate with multiple boards
TyUpdater Qt GUI (static) Simple firmware / sketch uploader
tycmd Command-line
No Qt!
Command-line tool to manage Teensy boards

Find out more on the page dedicated to TyTools.

C/C++ libraries

All my C/C++ libraries are distributed as single-file headers. Drop the file in your project, add one define for the implementation and start to code. You don't have to mess around with arcane build systems to use C and C++.

Library Description
libhs Enumerate and interact with USB serial and HID devices on Windows, OSX and Linux