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Hi visitor!

My name is Niels Martignène (or Koromix), and I've been a programmer for over twenty years. It all began when I stumbled upon an old Amstrad CPC-6128 in my parents' attic, and found out you could use BASIC to program simple games on it.

Nowadays I work on various C++ applications/libraries, and some web applications. I also do some C and assembly programming. You can find information about some of the open-source projects I've worked on over the years on this website.

I'm available for hire, please contact me on if you are interested.

Main projects


Goupile is an open-source electronic data capture application that strives to make form creation and data entry both powerful and easy.

Find out more on the page dedicated to Goupile.


Koffi is a fast and easy-to-use JS to C FFI module for Node.js, featuring:

Find out more on the page dedicated to Koffi.


Rekkord is a multi-platform backup tool with deduplication and asymmetric encryption, with support for local and remote storage back-ends.

Find out more on the page dedicated to Rekkord.


TyTools is a collection of independent tools to manage, flash and communicate with Teensy microcontrollers.

Tool Type Description
TyCommander Qt GUI (static) Upload, monitor and communicate with multiple boards
TyUploader Qt GUI (static) Simple firmware / sketch uploader
tycmd Command-line
No Qt !
Command-line tool to manage Teensy boards

Find out more on the page dedicated to TyTools.


libhs is a cross-platform C library to enumerate HID and serial devices and interact with them.

It is distributed as a single-file header. Drop the file in your project, add one define for the implementation and start to code without messing around with an arcane build system.

Find out more on the page dedicated to libhs.


Meestic is a small utility made to control the lights of MSI Delta 15 laptop keyboards on Windows and Linux. It provides both a CLI and a system-tray GUI, and can fully replace the official MSI tool (which is not even available for Linux).

Find out more on the page dedicated to Meestic.

Other projects

The projects on this page are provided as-is, and are in various states of completion.

Project Description Language
SaneBB Small (single-file) and fast BBCode parser in Java Java
Serf Serf is a small HTTP server made for local testing with customizable headers C++
SeatSH SeatSH is a Windows service that enables you to launch graphical programs from an SSH connection on Windows 10, for automated test systems. C++
DRD Alternative french PMSI MCO classifier
Library (libdrd), command-line tool (drdc) and R package (drdR)